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Outcomes and Evaluation Services

Specialized Expertise and Powerful Tools

As community needs grow, stakeholders including corporations, foundations and government are more focused on outcomes than ever before and are increasingly looking to nonprofits to do more to address social issues. With CNM consulting and tools, nonprofits can better demonstrate to funders and other stakeholders how their programs are working. Over time, this will drive transformative change in our communities as nonprofits address social issues more efficiently and powerfully.

CNM Connect received a $50,000 grant from the Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation at the Aspen Institute and JPMorgan Chase & Co. CNM worked with six nonprofits focused on ending poverty through workforce readiness and affordable housing, to build their program evaluation capacity across a shared measurement system.

CNM Connect launched CNM-pact® in early 2017 after the completion of a successful pilot program with eight DFW nonprofits. This video showcases the pilot participants and impact that CNM-pact is having on their organizations.

It has been our privilege at Mission Central to be a part of the pilot group for the CNM-pact project. We learned so much from our guests at the Community Resource Center as we completed a year-long needs assessment to determine how we can be more empowering with the neighbors we serve. Our Board of Directors has formed a Family Services Review team that is now looking at the data to determine what kinds of programs/services we will offer going forward. Without the data, we would still be speculating about what we should be focusing on next! We look forward to hearing more about the CNM-pact Guide and will be happy to assist in helping make the continued data collection/management/visualization project into a roaring success for all nonprofits in our community.

Paula Jernigan

Executive Director, Mission Central

Creative Solutions to Community Challenges

CNM-pact® – CNM’s innovative new outcomes technology services – gives nonprofits the ability to efficiently and effectively track, analyze, evaluate and report program performance. Nonprofits can now securely access their program results anywhere, anytime, on any platform. CNM’s consultants work alongside the nonprofit staff to guide them in developing strong evaluation plans and protocols, while expanding their capacity to utilize data for planning and quality improvement. CNM brings outcomes expertise and technology to all nonprofits regardless of size, mission or location, at an affordable cost.

Best Practice Evaluation Services

CNM consulting services can help nonprofits achieve greater efficiencies and effectiveness, and our practices align with the American Evaluation Association standards. Leveraging best practice measurement and evaluation standards, CNM’s services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment to determine evaluation readiness
  • Collaborative design and facilitated implementation of evaluations that are practical and doable with limited staff and financial resources
  • Fully customized evaluation services that are based on the nonprofit’s needs and draw upon a wide variety of models and methods, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach
  • Third-party evaluation for grant and other funded programs
  • Custom training in outcomes and evaluation

See CNM-pact in Action

Our CNM-pact Flyer Explains the Benefits to Funders and Nonprofits

Outcomes-Based Program Evaluation Certificate

The Outcomes-Based Program Evaluation Certificate consists of six classroom sessions designed to expand the capabilities of a nonprofit professional responsible for programs and reporting impact. Participants will learn how to formalize program logic, develop indicators to measure success, determine appropriate data collection and analysis methods, communicate findings, and use the results for program improvement, innovation and growth. Over the course of the certificate, participants will build and present a Program Evaluation Framework for a single program.

Outcomes-Based Program Evaluation Institute

The Outcomes-Based Program Evaluation Institute combines in-classroom education and one-on-one coaching to help nonprofit organization teams gain the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate program processes and improve outcomes. Three full-days of classroom instruction and eight hours of coaching help each organization apply the information and techniques learned directly to improving their evaluation of program outcomes. Not only is outcomes-based program evaluation important to improving a nonprofit’s programs, but it is also a powerful way to show supporters their return on investment.

“CitySquare is constantly working on ways to better share our story though effective evaluation and thoughtful outcomes,” said John Siburt, CitySquare president and chief operating officer. “We’re excited to give our AmeriCorps program the opportunity to work closely with CNM to improve the quality of their data and share even more with our partners and funders.”

John Siburt

President and Chief Operating Officer, CitySquare

“We are thrilled to be chosen by CNM Connect for inclusion in the outcomes technology services pilot program,” said Lili Kellogg, Equest chief executive officer. “The software and its capabilities will enable us to take a giant step forward in reporting the metrics so desperately needed to analyze and communicate the great work that Equest does. Thank you CNM Connect and Alliance Data!”

Lili Kellogg

Chief Executive Officer, Equest

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